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11 Nov


Investing in Rental Property: You Don’t have to do it Alone

November 11, 2014 | By |

Investing in rental property often offers another outlet for investors to see rapid and steady returns. However, rental property can be the best thing investors have ever experienced or a nightmare. Most investors feel overwhelmed when faced with the thought of managing their new rental property alone. In other circumstances current rental property owners may be frustrated with their current tenants and could be ready to avoid rental property in the future. If you’ve been thinking of investing in properly and renting it out you may be overwhelmed with the many options available to you. You may also be worried about collecting rent or rehabbing your property to the best standards. If this is your situation you may want to look into turnkey solutions to help you reach your goals.

When you first think of rental property you will likely envision a traditional system of property management where you will be completely alone in finding or managing your property. Your first challenge will be to find a property that will be suitable for repair and rental soon. If you want to find a property on your own you’ll need to search through the internet, newspapers, and possibly even partner with a local real estate agent. Even if you partner with an agent in your area a traditional realtor may not be able to help you find the best property for you.

After purchasing your property alone you’re going to need to rehab it to the best standards to get the best tenants.  This will certainly require cleaning and it may even require repairs. If you chose the wrong property you may end up putting more into the repairs than you’d like. However, repairs are essential to the upkeep of your property and for the safety of your tenants. To have repairs performed you’ll have to either find a local contractor by searching around in your area or do the repairs yourself.

After rehabbing your property you’ll also need to place some tenants to get your investment to produce a steady return. This may be difficult for an owner to do alone. Placing tenants alone may lead to unpaid rent, property damage, or other undesired results. You can choose to have a realtor assist you with some aspects of property management, but this may not be a total package. You will need to look around for a property manager in your area as well to assist you with these tasks for your rental property.

In the end there’s no reason to invest in rental property alone. Turnkey Rentals has many solutions to help you invest in property while maintaining a full time job. We also help you to have a hands off investing experience if you want to or you can be involved as well if you like. So give our friendly agents a call today or visit us at for more information on purchasing your next rental property. Let us help you find the perfect property today and give you peace of mind with complete property management solutions.

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