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Our team has been buying, fixing, and selling houses since 2007 – right at the beginning of the big housing crash.

What we developed is a system that allows us to buy houses at a low enough price to fix them, place turnkey tenants using professional property managers, and sell them at wholesale value to our clients around the world.

We are not realtors – we are investors.

As investors we look at all properties as though we were financing these cash flowing properties ourselves.  Any property that does not meet our standards is not considered, meaning our clients receive only the best properties.  We buy these properties and clean them up to current rental standards.  We have a professional property management team in place that works to select trustworthy tenants and manages the property for our clients.

We have tenants that are very well screened before we place them.  We also have houses that are all recently rehabbed.  We’ve gone through them top to bottom to make sure they’re up to rental standards.  Most often they will have passed all city inspections, all rental inspections, and have licenses for the current municipalities in which the rental properties are located.

We have houses available in Minnesota and Florida.


Why Minnesota?

Currently in Minnesota we have houses we can sell at a rate low enough for most of our clients to go to the bank and refinance the majority of their cash back.  Our local Minneapolis lenders will give 75% of appraised value – which allows our investors to leverage more of their money.

Minnesota is also home to 15 Fortune 500 companies including Target, Best Buy, and United Health Group.  In addition, unemployment in Minnesota is at 5.3% and we’ve seen 9 months of consecutive home price increases (written January 2013).

These economic factors drive both rent and housing costs up, which is a great situation to be in as an investor.  Your property will produce greater cash flow, and increase in equity.


Why Florida?

Florida has had huge highs and lows in real estate over the last 100 years.  It experienced one of the biggest lows in the housing crash from 2007-2011.

Fort Meyers and Cape Coral area have begun to rebound to the tune of 9-11% housing price increases over the last year.

Florida is the #1 tourist destination in America because of Walt Disney World in Orlando.  A ton of vacationers go there and a huge amount of locals need good quality housing.

We have a team in place in FL as well to help procure these assets that are at good wholesale prices that you know and trust to be safe because they’re coming from our team.


Why choose us?

Here’s why our buyers from the East Coast, West Coast, Texas, and even China (we’ve had a client from China buying houses from us for 4 years) continue to come back to use for cash flowing real estate.

1. We have excellent bank financing in place with our local lenders

2. Our clients acquire a team that is delivering properties that are turnkey.  This allows them to step into immediate cash flow with no down time.

If you want help with MN or FL properties, we’re the team to look to.  Give us a call or fill out our form, hope to chat with you soon.