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turn key rentals

Turn key rentals: How to invest with us

We are a full service residential real estate investment company.  We work closely with our investors to determine the type of house they’re looking for and then we go out and find it for them, providing them with fully automated turn key rentals.

We work in a few locations:

  • Turn key rentals in Minneapolis
  • Turn key rentals in Milwaukee
  • Turn key rentals in St. Louis
  • Turn key rentals in Kansas City
  • Turn key rentals in the Quad Cities
  • Turn key rentals in Chicago

Please follow the above links to find out more about how we work in these areas and what we offer our clients.

At the moment, we sell around 50 turn key properties per month and we’re always looking to grow.

Many times, potential investors question us as to why we aren’t keeping these great properties for ourselves.  The truthful answer is that we don’t have the capital to do so.  Every turn key rental we buy is one that we would keep for ourselves if it came down to it.  However, as we’re a growing company, we need to continually sell these excellent deals onto our investors so that we can build an even bigger base of properties, clients, and connections.

If you’d like more information, feel free to click here to get updates on our most current property holdings, investor deals, and much more.

**We hate spam too and rarely email, so you can feel safe that only the most important turn key real estate deals are sent.**